LABEMA® company was established in December 1989 by Jean- Pierre Philippe LARONZE .
It is a French family company based at LORETTE, near LYON area , focused on the design , evaluation and manufacturing of CORROSION INHIBITORS : www.labema.com
The passion of its founder, dates back to the 50s with his first engine: a COX, with what he built a circular flight plane, a car with pusher propeller and an airboat.
The 70’s saw the beginning of the proportional radios, to build by yourself. In the meantime, different aviation disciplines are explored, both in real size and model.
From the beginning of the LABEMA company, corrosion inhibitors are offered to different fuel manufacturers, but the extra cost for them was a hurdle to their development.
However, research’s works are undertaken in collaboration with both academic and competitions engines manufacturer.
In 2001, LABEMA has worked out a new fuel chemistry for model, This first release has been used by the winner of the F3A French championship in 2002 during this competition.
The development of LABEMA’s fuels range is first of all a story of men who share their PASSION and FRIENDSHIP around mechanical skills.
Over the years , many beautiful meetings, all animated by the LABEMA spirit allow to reach the highest quality in ALL disciplines: planes, cars, boats, helicopters, motorcycles.
We cannot offer a unique fuel, as each discipline presents very specific engines.
It is even more true in plane, with 2-Strokes and 4-Strokes engines.
Based to a scientific and rigorous approach, LABEMA has acquired an engine test bench , able to monitor or electronic data and record its.
More than thousand tests that have been recorded to reach the new fuel generations, LABEMAX, FURIOUS FUEL and so on.
« Quality is not expensive because mediocrity is overpriced. »